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"The Plain of Jars presented a striking contrast to the rugged terrain Dorothy had traveled through to get there. An elevated plateau of friable, chalky limestone, washed out from the surrounding harder rocks by a million years of rain, it offered a welcome relief to the harsh land around it. The Laotians call the place Tung Hai Hin, while the Vietnamese still refer to it as the Tran Ninh Plateau. From above, it is an abruptly conspicuous feature, occupying an area of one thousand square kilometers, sitting more than three thousand feet above sea level. The Plain, contrary to its name, is not monotonously flat, but undulating - a rolling meadowlands with softly curved, breast-like hills, changing colors with the seasons, remaining a vivid green after the monsoon rains, until the sun sears it pale yellow during the hot, dry, tropical summer. Long broad valleys of rich, well-watered soil separate scattered masses of solitary mountains, which stand like lonely leviathans, stark and lost in the midst of their puny surroundings, inexplicably cut off from the herd of great ranges beyond."

Excerpt from the novel 'The Plain of Jars'

In north central Laos (correctly known as Lao PDR), lies an area known to only a small number of interested travelers, archeologists, and historians, those mainly fascinated by the thousands of years old stone jars that are found at sites scattered about the vicinity. Fewer still, are aware of the tragic history of the area, in particular the utter devastation unleashed during years of the most intensive bombing campaign in the history of warfare. It is unfortunate that so few people know about the place, since both episodes of its history have much to teach us.

This website is dedicated to promoting the Plain of Jars and a new novel that brings into focus the terrible consequences of a secret war that still affects the people living there today. The novel also provides a glimpse of the lives of those who were caught in a deadly rain of bombs for nearly nine years. The original concept for this website was to provide a multi-media background in order to complement and enhance the reading experience, and includes pages on history, culture, links to other sites, as well as photo galleries and interactive activities. Regardless of the novel, I hope these pages serve to increase awareness of what took place, and of the suffering and bravery of innocent Laotians who endured this horrible episode.

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