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I'm really loving the Plain of Jars ... It is evident that you have put a lot of painstaking work into it and it is very well written indeed... the keen eye with which you watch life, people and their emotions. It is truly a brilliant effort for a first novel... Liking is not the word, I absolutely loved your book !!! So, many many congrats
Sanjay Saxena --- New Delhi, NDH India
Well! I finally found some time, began to read your book yesterday, couldn't stop reading, and just finished your awesome work. If the mark of a great work is to inspire, educate, move and - above all - keep the reader reading from beginning to end, you are indeed a GREAT writer to this reader! I above all admire your craft, I was quite amazed how good your book just as a piece of writing, since that has not been my experience with most of the books I get sent. Have you tried to get it published?
Fred Branfman
Budapest, Hungary / Santa Barbara USA
Thanks so much for sharing your book! I just finished it and read it while visiting Luang Prabang for my first trip there two weeks ago. It really deepened my experience of the place and I thoroughly enjoyed the writing, the story, the characters, the history, the politics--all of it. I hope that it continues to be available because it really contributes to an understanding of the USA and Laos. You have made a wonderful gift to all those who read your work...pursue wildly circulating your work--it is great!
Harriet Beinfield, San Francisco, USA
Wow!! I came across your page while making research for a book I am writing. I was impressed. ... Good luck. I am glad to have found a person who is sensitive like you and has gone into so much trouble to gather all these details. Have a good day and life!
Jodie Joyjoster
Your book has detailed meticulously on the Lao (the majority of the people in Laos) culture which is impressive. ... after reading your story, I liked that you were very creative with your main character and his situation in Laos
MaySoua USA

Just stumbled on to your site with researching about working on my book myself, great stuff by the way. I just download your book and will check it out. Are you working in Laos or Cambodia, even in America? One thing that is missing from your site is you, I know the focus is not about you but many would also like to know and appreciate for what you are doing. I know I am, nonetheless, thank you for the site and those information.
-- Best Regards,
Lance Sayavong USA
I enjoyed your novel. Thanks for letting it be downloaded free. Is anyone picking it up for publication? You deserve some remuneration for it. It's truly a magnum opus.
Megan Churches, Australia
I like your website, and please keep doing your good work...thank you. l.koulavongsa.
I enjoyed browsing through your website and would like to know where I can get a copy of the novel? It must make an interesting read. Otto thaigermancorp@gmail.com USA
Got some really great photos. Are they copyrighted - can I download them? Richie, NYC, USA -
Hey, I followed you from bombies.Just wanted to know who you are and how did you get your resourse. I am Laotian and I have always acknowledge the tragedy resulted from the war.I am very sad about the fact that the US are not putting enough responsibility in the War that they stirred up. Families who lost their love ones are not being compensated, money is not injected directly to victims or the clearance of the feild.How can a super power nation like US who makes interferances in other countrys policies egnores the responsibility that they should have delt with. I enjoy your website very much and I hope the world hears about this. - Phoukhan Keosouphan Vientiane Lao
Nice website. How many hits? Tim from Bangladesh